EchoBoom Sports

How can we break into the action sports genre as a new player?

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Defining the path of the athlete

Brands like Red Bull and ESPN’s X-Games, have made action sports more attractive than ever. Unfortunately, there are only a few places where avid fans can watch the games they love on demand.

We helped The Orchard fix this problem by creating EchoBoom Sports. A film network dedicated to sports like snowboarding and motocross; available only on YouTube. With a collection of shorts, full-length movies, and trailers, the network is home to one of the largest libraries of action sports content.

Branding a breakthrough

Actions sports as a genre is already overcrowded which presented us with a challenge. To make its mark, EchoBoom had to cut through the noise. To do it, we needed to create more than just a home for fanatics. The athlete’s story had to drive the narrative.

As fans, we see the end results of the years of training and sacrifice athletes go through. We rarely get the chance to experience the climb. Not until EchoBoom.

The networks content focuses on the unpredictable journey of the athlete. From amateur leagues to Olympic gold, EchoBoom Sports is there for the entire ride. This vantage point presented a tremendous opportunity to build distinction within the genre.


Putting the brand together

EchoBoom Sports is the only brand of its kind that pays respect to nature as well as the athlete. Most action sports include earth, air or water. They're intrinsically linked.

Using the elements of nature as inspiration, we designed a symbol that paid respect to this relationship.

From there we developed the visual language of the brand. We had early successes mixing elements to create multi-layered imagery. We decided to carry that process into the design of the advertisements. We broke apart the logo and manipulated its fragments which gave us design elements we use across all pieces of marketing material.



Moving the needle in the right direction

Since working with us, EchoBoom Sports has amassed over 13 million views and over 10 thousand hours of content. EchoBoom Sports now has a unique perspective on the action sports genre of film. Through our continued work, we will help the brand grow into an industry leader.