The Skinny

How do we raise awareness around healthy eating for at-risk young adults?

for The Skinny

There's a ton of data that suggests eating too much fast food is dangerous. Sadly, the information available doesn't always put the interest of the reader first. Much of it either tries to bore us or intimidate us into making better choices. We saw an opportunity to shift the dialogue.

Making healthy eating fun and exciting for a younger audience

We created The Skinny, our tongue-in-cheek approach to the stiff topic of nutritional education. We sought to prove that you can learn about eating healthy without scare tactics or lectures.

Inspiration comes in many forms

A lot of the reporting on nutrition seemed geared towards older generations. We wanted a guide that catered to an audience of young adults currently in college. We found that they were most at risk of developing health issues as a result of fast food.

Our guide needed to translate the facts into something that's easy to read yet fun and palatable. For us, this meant the guide needed to be eye-catching. The art direction took its cues from food advertisements from the 1950s. This period was the unofficial golden age of fast food.


Extending the brand

We wanted to give the brand legs. We couldn't inform people on being healthy without giving them proper alternatives. Our strategy extended into an exercise campaign called “30 Ways in 30 Days.” It not only promoted The Skinny but gave readers ideas on ways to stay active and fit.


The Skinny is our addition to changing the way people think about health and education. Our goal was to educate readers while keeping them entertained. We hope our lighthearted approach adds to the larger conversation around health and wellness.